Ritual Lab 

Experience your soul in its most primal, poetic, soulful, sensual expression 

As a collective, we explored how personal and co-created prayer and ritual can impact change in our daily lives. We developed contemplative languages, practices, and experiments through meditation, movement, collaborative composition and performance.

This experience included:

  • A 2 hour guided interactive “Water Meditation”

  • The Ritual lab in which you will collaboratively design a ritual

  • Performance & Integration into our 4 rituals, created in the Ritual Lab

  • The Artist Siddur: A bespoke workbook for intention-setting and ritualizing

  • nutritious lunch and snacks

Check out this piece "Feeling Alive with Jewish Ritual" in Lillith Magazine! 



"There aren't many times that you get asked to perform in front of others in life."

The ritual performance and dancing were both super powerful. I had never met the other women before, yet I felt okay, within WOW's structured prompts, to be vulnerable in front of them. Within the movement section, I appreciated the guided process that led us from being centered and grounded, to then being expansive and expressive. The well metaphor was powerful; I felt at ease in this dark but deep and clear mental space. I think part of this was the willingness of the participants to take risks and be vulnerable, but it was facilitated by the space, which felt both intimate and big at once.

— Emily Sause

"This was so surprising!"

I was left with the perspective of bringing more intention into even the mundane parts of my life.  

— Dana Jabreel

"I loved how we got to co-create together."

I loved how movement, visioning, teamwork, and embodiment were woven into the experience as well as the empowering exercise of sharing a ritual on behalf of our partner. I haven't experimented much with acting, so that was a huge one for me. Loved it. I love how we got to co- create together. And the Artist Siddur is the most amazing gift! 

— Antonia Talayeh