Posture, Present 

This series of 28 portraits was created during the Well of Wills retreat in December 2016. Our process involved transforming the space utilizing a lighting design - both electric and candle - white bed sheets and a selection of music. During a nine hour window, each individual woman entered the space to co-create her portrait. Our team guided each woman "into the well" and encouraged an open body movement and dance to begin a flow.

Following this warm-up, we asked each woman to consider three versions of themselves - a past, present and future self. This a question that often surfaces during the monthly mikvah ritual married Jewish women practice, (the traditional three immersions correlating to three states of being -- past, present, future) and became the inspiration for the structure of these portraits.

We made a long exposure photograph of these three embodiments, while directing different lighting sources into the postures. The resulting works will take the form to create a new environment, charged with these translated energies and experiences.

What does your past self feel, look, seem, like in a pose, posture?

What does your present self feel like, look, seem like in your body...Here, Now?

What does your future self feel like, look like, seem like...a presence you are Jumping into?