Theater Artist, Nessa Norich plays with absurd and elemental truths on mythic grounds to devise rituals of parsed chaos, activating anger, and enriching illumination in this new work of performance.

An ensemble of interdisciplinary artists will channel the fullness of our grief, anger and love to construct a prismatic portrait of a woman who vanquishes the force of violence with the force of feeling.

Find comfort in our shared cries, find courage in our honesty. We invite you to release fear with laughter, and gather energy to fight for better futures.

This is a story about a tyrant who loses his head.

A tyrant loses his head

To rage.

A tyrant loses his head to the rage of a woman.

She removes his head so the rest of us can walk around safely in the wholeness of our bodies.

A bloody act of violence to do justice to the injustice that he inflicts on our being.

She feels her heart raise the knife.

She feels her heart thrust the blade through air, and just as easily through skin, flesh, and bone.

And out of his gory neck, sprouts the seed of her love.