Casting: Femme or Female-Identifying Jewish-affiliated Artist of Color – Paid Opportunity.

THE JUDITHS OF VIRTUOUS DISSENT is currently casting for the development of a devised contemporary adaptation of the myth of Judith – premiering Spring 2019.

In the myth of Judith and Holofernes, Judith is a Jewish heroine who defeats a tyrannical ruler and his army by cutting off the head of its general. This story resonates the rage and grief currently rippling through this country with the #metoo revelations and the oppressive tyrannies of our government. We are embarking on a process to devise a new work of theater with an ensemble adapting on this story for the present day.

Multiple Judiths will represent a prismatic portrait of the character. Our ensemble are female-identifying and non-binary folks with personal life stories that reflect the motivations that drive Judith towards an act of radical resistance. We want to blur the lines between myth, current events and personal testimony. 

We are currently looking for a Jewish Femme or Female-Identifying Artist of Color* - with writing and performance experience - who finds strong resonance with Judith’s resistance in opposition to the Patriarchy of her own tribe and the larger system of oppression.

*This adaptation of Judith considers the impact of oppression on the emotional and physical body. To dismantle systemic oppression, we believe that it is vital to represent the truth that not all oppression is the same – that White Supremacy and the Patriarchy do not affect all bodies in the same way – that within the Jewish community itself we have work to do to dismantle White Supremacy. We wish for this process to embrace solidarity among female-identifying or femme Jews across racial identity, while representing the universality of a Judith existing within all of us.

Folks who are interested should be available for:

  • 6-10 rehearsals in November (November 11-21; November 25-30)

  • Tech rehearsal on Monday, December 3rd

  • a Work in Progress performance Tuesday, December 4th.

To discuss or apply for the project please email; cc: Please include a short intro and/or links to your work.

You can also check out our FAQ page.

With Love,

Well of Wills Collective