We are a platform for socially-relevant, feminist, community-driven artwork. We provide community, educational resources, and a laboratory for women to explore and investigate their spirituality and creative voice.

Our Work…

  • Empowers women’s ownership of their narratives through storytelling, performance, and ritual

  • Critically engages with our histories and theologies to navigate our current political climate and seek liberation for all

  • Centers women’s voices and leadership

Our Name | Our Vision

Well of Wills is our ward against the fears, doubts, and stagnancy that can block us on our creative, spiritual paths.

A well. A source of water: life (…and a symbol of Desire, according to the Jewish mystics). The site of ancient miracles and prayer.

Within every human being is a Well of Wills. A fountain of divine desires. Grounded in this consciousness and the particulars of our lives, we ask: What can be emptied, released, made to flow, healed and/or transformed?

Well of Wills’ work centers the female, non-binary, and trans experience, however we encourage people of all gender/identities to engage with our work and attend our programs!