About Our Work


About Our Work:

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Our work aspires to instruct women to explore their own personal narratives and spiritual identities through feminist consciousness-raising, using performance labs and evocative conversations that engage feminist social activism. Our creative vision is driven by a commitment to female self-understanding and self-discovery by designing environments for courageous self-expression. Our approach is to generate and integrate the intellectual, spiritual and emotional experience of women through embodiment, by using various performance and theater modalities. We use Jewish texts and foundational feminist historical and literary works to generate more depth and breadth in our personal and communal practices.

With this, our mission places an emphasis on creating a culture of sisterhood. For us, sisterhood is about women coming together as allies in personal development by prioritizing compassionate communication. We work at adapting intentional practices that enable more honesty and vulnerability in our shared spaces, i.e leaving intellectual jargon, defensiveness and fear at the door. Our work is to help women assert their own narrative agency by embracing play, personal creativity and actively contributing to a meaningful dialogue about their lived experiences.

Here is a space to answer to yourself-- what is my taste? what is my preference? where is my pleasure?

And finally, what makes my insides come alive?


We see the Judith series as an opportunity for women to study what it means to embody themselves more fully and to dialogue and reflect on their own identity formation while being held and seen in a safe and intimate space. Judith was a complex Jewish heroine who’s story continues to inspire female strength and empowerment. Her story moves us to challenge ourselves to form our own heroine’s journey with personal integrity.