Artist's Siddur 



The artist siddur

We, as a group of artists, wondered how might our experience of prayer change if our siddur was a living document of which the community was the author/ity? This is our effort to explore the vast possibilities of what prayer can be and approach the construction of a siddur as a collective art project. To develop our own contemplative languages, practices, and experiments. This is a companion to our tradition, not a replacement. The siddur, a set of 50 cards, offers a multitude of prompts for inner-reflection and asks: Can prayer be brushing your hair? Exfoliating? Playing loud music? Having a meaningful conversation with a friend?

This siddur is organized around four pillars of contemplation. Each pillar is marked by imagery that evokes the well and its biblical/mystical significance. We developed these pillars through a collective mapping process to understand the essential, embodied awareness we aspire to as creative and spiritual beings. We offer you the result, the composite of our language, in these four pillars as an imperfect and incomplete model where words, emotion, and image may bleed together without clearly defined boundaries. We offer this as a gift to you, an invitation to probe our hearts together.  Perhaps you will end up creating your own pillars. We are never done digging this well; let us dig together.